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SMELL AS YOU DESERVE, Gems 30ml Parfum, 24hours long lasting magnificat Perfume great for all skin, made with real and healthy and organic ingredients.

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Di Nightingale House of Scents has created a collection of elegant and exotic fragrances for the individual who wants to be remembered for all the right reasons.

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Gems is specially designed for the modern yet traditional, Made for any skin type.

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Natural Organic Scents

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Tuberose or Rajnigandha

Tuberose is a scented flower and also known as Rajnigandha. It is very popular because of its beauty as well as for its delightful fragrance.

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Amazing product


So I HAD to write this review! I purchased this without thinking too much of it, I am transitioning to using natural skin care products, as my skin is my baby! I started using this when I came back from South Carolina, I had a few dark spots from sun damage, and some from me not being able to keep my hands off my face :( Chileeeeee when I tell you this product is gold!


I wear GEMS perfume and get so many compliments. This fragrance makes feel so much happier. I love it

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